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Terracotta Tiles

What is Terracotta?

Terracotta is a ceramic material that has been used for building construction and decorative arts since ancient times in cultures around the world. Terracotta, which literally means "baked earth," is made from natural clay, which gives it a characteristic reddish-brown color. The color varies slightly depending on the clay used. Terracotta is hard-baked, brownish red earthen ware, often glazed and colored may be glazed for extra durability or to provide color. Usually hand-made and varies in color, texture and appearance. The colors range from natural earthtones such as gray and brownish yellow to various shades of red. It is a waterproof and very sturdy material.

When used indoors, terra cotta tile floors can be left raw, but more often, terra cotta is finished with a top coat sealer. Some terra-cotta tiles are purported to be waterproof. To the contrary, all raw clay tiles are like sponges when it comes to soaking up water.

Terracotta may come prefinished or require application of various types of sealers or coatings on site to provide a wearing surface. May crumble or show wear quickly unless sealed and laid on water proof layer. Terra Cotta should never be installed in a high-traffic area, and should never be cleaned at pressures above 1100 PSI and then only if the grout is in good condition.

If you are looking for a time tested and versatile material, Terracotta tiles are an excellent choice. They are made from clay, and they have been in use for many years.

One of the more popular uses for Terracotta is for flooring tiles and paving stones. These can be hand made, and they come in a lovely soft reddish brown color that reminds you of the Southwest. They create an antiquated and warm look to every area where they are installed. These are also quite cost effective tiles, and if you seal them, they make great outdoor tiles. Terracotta is often the first choice of municipalities, businesses and homeowners to made lovely walkways, patios, living areas, bathrooms and kitchens.

Terra Cotta can be a little bit tricky to install properly, since it is rather fragile and has a rough texture. If it isn't installed correctly, the tiles will not even last for long after the installation, let alone last a lifetime, as it can if it is properly installed. If you want your tiles to look good for the longest time, you must get it done by a professional.

There are many different types of ceramic tiles that you can use for garden and home, but Terracotta may be the most widely used outdoors. The word Terracotta means "baked earth" in the Italian language, and it usually refers to rustic tiles that are colored in natural, earthy, warm tones. There are many types of Terracotta, including unglazed and glazed tiles, and they all have characteristics that are slightly different from each other.

Terracotta made in machines is also known as quarry tile, and these tend to be more durable and harder. They can be found in unglazed or glazed forms and in many sizes and shapes. Most glazed Terracotta tiles will show off a smooth surface, and they will resist stains beautifully, although a surface that is overly-smooth may be too slippery to walk on when they are wet.

Outdoor Terracotta Tile

Ther are terracotta tiles produced and available in the market in Australia today that is designed specifically for use in outdoor entertaining areas, swimming pool copings and surrounds, driveways and public areas.

How to clean Terracotta Tiles?

We know the importance of taking care of your terracotta tile floor. Terracotta tile restoration and cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining the natural shine of your floors. If treated properly, terracotta tile will provide for a beautiful floor which will be hard wearing, warm, stain resistant and extremely easy to maintain. Terracotta tile restoration and cleaning provides a holistic solution for floor maintenance. For more information about cleaning your terracotta tiles please visit our Terracotta Cleaning page.

How do i seal Terracotta Tiles?

Terra cotta tiles are beautiful, and they lend an informal and somewhat rustic or even southwestern air to residential floors. As a raw product, it is always recommended that terracotta floors be sealed at all times to prevent from permanent staining. For more information about sealing your terracotta tiles please visit our Terracotta Sealing page.

Terracotta Tile Restoration

If treated properly terracotta will provide for a beautiful floor which will be hard wearing, warm, stain resistant and extremely easy to maintain. Even the most neglected terracotta can very often be restored with remarkable results. There is only one real way to restore terracotta that is by returning the terracotta to its natural state, let it dry, then seal it with between 2-4 coats of impregnating penetrating sealer and then apply the surface coating finish. Only this process is able to create a long lasting finish and stain proof of your terracotta.

You can count on our expertise, professionalism and experience to give you the highest level of satisfaction.

We provide specialised cleaning solutions for hard floors, including terracotta tile and grout surfaces.

We have many years of experience in restoring and refurbishing terracotta flooring. Even the most neglected terracotta can very often be restored with remarkable results

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The tiles in our office building are very old, but they are still in excellent shape because of the way this professional service company cleaned them. They are the best tile cleaning service in Sydney and have done such a great job cleaning and sealing & protecting our tiles.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Farhan

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